Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schaivo Passes on to Eternity

Terri pasts away today (Thursday, March 31, 2005). Thirteen days after her feeding tube was removed.

My prayers go out to the families. We all know that Terri is in a better place.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Internet Marketing Software Sale - Last Day

I received this letter from Mike Chen Today. I have purchased the software and believe anyone that is trying to market their product on the Internet should have it. Mike explains the software better in his email to me.

Subject: Warning: Last Day

Hi Dave,

Many people have been asking me if today really is the last day
I'll be selling my Secret Weapon.

The answer is yes, it is.

The truth of the matter is, I never really intended to sell this
software in the first place. Although I sell a lot of the
programs I make, this was one I wanted to remain a closely
guarded secret.

Because I'm going to college, however, I decided to sell a
limited number for two weeks only.

Today is the last day, and that is final. After this, I predict
it will be extremely hard for anyone to find a copy of the
rare mathematical algorithm I coded into this software.

People have also been asking me to explain to them in a nutshell
exactly what my Secret Weapon does. To put it simply, it
is a software program which will allow you to improve the
response rates on your web site scientifically.

A typical use of the secret weapon would go something like this:

1. Place two variations of a sales letter on your web page.

2. Start driving traffic to your web page.

3. Run the secret weapon at the end of every day, and plug
in statistics gathered from your site.

4. The secret weapon will tell you exactly when and how to
select the better version and continue testing, so you
can constantly make improvements in your marketing, and
scientifically increase your response rate.

(some have called the Secret Weapon "artificial intelligence,"
others have called it a "virtual marketing consultant.")

Essentially, it takes the gambling out of marketing. As I like
to say, if you want to gamble, go to Vegas. If you want to
improve your response rate scientifically, then test your
marketing, and use a statistical algorithm to make your

I spent weeks creating virtual models and simulations of web
sites and sales, to verify that my formula worked. For the
curious, I've included the simulation test files along with the
Secret Weapon, so you can see exactly how I put it to the test.

Perhaps more impressively, I used it to dramatically boost
my sales and signups for Make Your Own Software and Instant

I would strongly recommend that you purchase today if you
are interested in scientifically improving the response rate
of your web site.

Much to my surprise, people are buying the secret weapon just
for the bonuses I've included with it. They've told me that
if I was just selling the bonuses without the weapon itself it
would be worth far more than the price I'm charging.

Have a look for yourself. It's the last day it's available:

Grab your copy today, before it is gone.


P.S. I haven't mentioned this until now, but there are some
unadvertised bonuses included with the Secret Weapon package
which will shock everyone when they receive them.

As you can see March 30, 2005 will be the last day for anyone to buy it.
Internet Marketing's Secret Weapon by Mike Chen

Monday, March 28, 2005

Sleep over for Kindergardeners

My wife decided to have a sleep over for my daughter who is in kindergarden. She is pretty smart to do this while I was away on a business trip. The chaos a bunch of kindergardners can create is amazing. I called her tonight and she told me there was 15 kids over there. Luckily for her most of the kids are not staying over night.

My wife is an awesome mother to my three kids. My daughter is having a great time tonight and making real memories.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

things Christian

things Christian

Here a site to join and share your opinions related to the Christian world. The posts have to be approved. Come by and help it get started.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

FCC Decides to Overlook NFL / ABC trist.

The FCC decided to not punish ABC for this prime time display of garbage. (read article)

Personally, I find this very disappointing. This now gives "license" for other programs to promote their programs in the same manner. This little spot is going to look timid compared to what is going to evolve because of the FCC's decision.

What does this tell the young people? This kind of behavior between two people is okay.

Let's take it to the extreme. A young athlete sees his favorite professional athlete dropping his responsibilities to chase after a woman who wants to give herself away to him for a few minutes of self gratification. This young athlete now feels that society has approved this type of behavior and therefore, it is alright for him to act in a similar manner.

This spot showed a couple of stereotypes: 1. Black Athletes are sexual predators looking for a score anyplace they can get it. Which isn't true. Yes there are black and white athletes that are sexual predators, but they are the minority. 2. Blonde women are stupid sex objects. Which again, isn't true. Yes there are some blonde, red and brunette women who make poor choices. Yes some do promote themselves as sex objects (i.e. Jenna Jameson,) but again they are the minority.

The FCC needs to get their act together.