Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Learning the Alphabet

My youngest daughter is learning her abc's in pre-school.  Today the Letter was "A."  The teacher usually goes around and asks each child a word that begins with "A." 

My wife was driving my daughters and [my 20 month old son with along for the ride] she asked her, "What begins with A?" 

My Daughter responds, "Aippo-po-tomus."  In her mind she was right, but technically she is wrong.  She pronounces it with an A.  lol.  My wife told her she should probably come up with another word.  So, they came up with Ant.  She recited Ant all the way to school. 

When I got done with work tonight I asked her, "What word did you say for the letter A?"  She told me, "I didn't get a turn today." 

Then I ask her, "Okay, what begins with A then?"

Her response, "Aippo-po-tomus."  She said it with such conviction, I believe everyone would have believe it was a new type of animal.

Blogger Tool that Really Works.

I finally found the tool I was looking for.  I can now post to my blogs with one tool, without opening the browser!


BlogJet is a desktop blogging application that greatly simplifies posting to your blog. It is user-friendly, easy to use and elegant. Emphasize Your Viewpoint

You can make text bold, italics or even change colors and fonts, create numbered and bulleted lists. BlogJet displays text in editor so it looks the same as it will appear in browser. They call it WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

Insert Pictures with Ease

Amaze the readers of your blog with funny pictures and photos of you and your friends! Just copy a picture from browser to BlogJet, or select an image from your computer, and it will be automatically uploaded to your blog when you post the entry.

Talk in Your Blog

The funniest way to express yourself and personalize your blog is to fill it with voice. When you have no words to write, take a microphone and say. Your speech will be attached to post and published with the text.

Change The History

BlogJet allows you to get the list of your previous posts with preview pane. If you want to correct mistakes or just change the text you posted, double-click a post and edit it.

Blog Everything You Find

BlogJet installs a special button on Internet Explorer's toolbar that allows you to create a blog entry about the current page.

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Be Yourself

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."
- John Mason