Sunday, October 03, 2004

[Cubs] I thought this year was Next Year!

I think the title says it all.

I don't want to blame this whole season on one person, but the position/s I see the need for change are: Sammy Sosa and relief pitching. Sosa has had a great career here in Chicago, but I believe it is time to find a replacement for him. A batting average of .253 with 133 strikeouts. 35 HR's this year, but wasn't able to do it in almost any clutch position. With runners in scoring position, it was like having the pitcher at bat.

Again, I'm not saying Sosa was the problem why the Cubs didn't live up to expectations this year. But, for the amount of money he is being paid, you expect him to perform better.

How many games did the Cubs lose this year by one or two runs? I don't know right now, but those games are when the Big Money Guys are suppose to pull you through!

[Life] Made it

Well, I made it through a very busy weekend. Saturday night I attended a 20 year - 8th grade - class reunion my wife organized for the school she attended. What a success! Everyone was very appreciative of the work the committee and she did to pull the reunion together. Everyone got to see what is so special about my wife. She is able to make anyone feel important. I love her so very much!

I couldn't believe that she was having a 8th grade class reunion in the first place. I can't imagine my 8th grade class having a reunion. Their were just to many people. Her class had just over 50 people and about 70 percent of the class showed up for the evening. It was a riot listening to stories from her classmates. This class was pretty much with each other all the way from Kindergarden thru 8th grade. I moved around so much and the schools I went to were so much bigger. I had to meet new people every year. The was a period of my childhood I was at the same place for a while, but we always had a different class the following year. Sometimes you would have the some of the friends from the previous grad in the class, but not like her's. The same group of people would be go through each class together. Except when someone moved away or moved into the area and joined the class. It was the same people. What a opportunity to build life long friends.

I travel a lot and receive reward points at hotels that I stay at, so we stayed at a very nice hotel after the reunion. My wife sister helped us by staying at our house while we stay over night. We checked into the hotel before the reunion and we didn't get back to the hotel till 12:30am. I then had to write a short speech for a presentation for our Pastor and Staff for the following morning. I am the President of the Leadership Board of Elders and Deacons, so I have the privilege of making these types of presentations. So, I was up to 3:30am pulling the speech together. 6:30am was the time I received my wake up call from the hotel. Wow, three hours of sleep and now I have to go give this speech in two services. Well, the presentations went extremely well in both services.

After the second service I came home to three very sugar charged and tired children. We tried to have them take a nap and I fell asleep along with my two daughters. My son was already sleeping, but because my girls originally we not to happy about the whole nap deal, they woke their brother up screaming their disapproval and therefore my wife, who was hoping to get a nap in as well, wasn't able to. I didn't even know my wife and son were up. She woke me up about three hours later, but it didn't feel like I slept at all.

So, I'm about to go to bed early tonight and catch up on my sleep. {Rumor has it, you never catch up on sleep. I hope that isn't true!} Tomorrow is another full day. This week I work from home, but I have a full work day tomorrow then my wife and I are going to an appreciation dinner in the evening. After the dinner, I will need to come home and help with a weekly publication I am the assistant editor of. I am also the webmaster for this publication. So, if you think about me during your day, please say a prayer for me to have a very efficient day and that I get to bed before 3am.