Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Watch the Bowl Games on the Dish Network

Want to watch all the bowl games on your new tv?   I found a great place to get the Dish Network.  They will install into 4 rooms, with digital video recorders, HDTV receivers, and give you a lifetime warranty.  They will give you the DVR/HDTV receivers for free. The have a #1 Customer Satisfaction ranking.  Dish Network Order by 10am and have the Dish Network installed tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Does anyone else find it strange to say, "Happy Holloween."

I was told that several times yesterday. It just doesn't sit right with me.

For the kids, it's all about the candy. For me, I think about evil: Dracula, Satan worship, witches, etc...

Saturday, October 29, 2005


I just upgraded to the latest version of w.bloggar. This is a great tool to use for blogging. Another cool feature is the ability to ping ping-o-matic and others.

They sould add In my opinion the fastest pinging tool on the net.

Monday, October 24, 2005 - Views - Junk Science - Wilma Is Not Global Warming

I have been hearing more and more about Global warming causing this and that. I haven't heard that it causes loss of hair so I can't blame my hair loss on it yet.

Steven Milloy has written a great article disputing the claims of these Tree Hugging Extremist have claimed. Well maybe they aren't tree huggers, but they are extremist.

Scientist from Purdue created a mathematical model of global climate to come to some conclusions that severe weather is on its way because of the greenhouse gases building up. The problem with this model is this...The Mathematical Model hasn't proved to be accurate in previous real world data.

I think Chicken Little maybe working with this group.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I received this email today. It's great the Professional Sports world is getting involved. It would be nice to see Terrel Owens doing his part, especially if he believes he is the greatest.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= has announced that it will be donating 5% of all new membership sales through the end of the year to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and 25% for each member that uses the REDCROSS reference (see below for details).

With the massive devastation left behind by Hurricane Katrina, leagues, teams and players in the sports industry are rallying to support the Hurricane Katrina Relief effort.

The NFL, NHL/NHLPA, MLB, NBA have each pledged to donate $1 million to the American Red Cross.

In Thursday's announcement, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig said that through the help of fans, MLB employees and business partners, baseball hopes to ultimately raise as much as $3 million.

The NBA's commitment is in addition to the National Basketball Players Association announcement that the union will raise $1 million to assist in procuring and delivering supplies, including food and clothing, to the hardest-hit areas of the devastating storm that ripped through Louisiana, Mississippi and surrounding regions.

For the first period of each team's home opener, NHL players will wear a jersey bearing a special patch confirming the Clubs' and players' commitment to the people and communities impacted. The jerseys will be collected and then auctioned by the NHL and the NHLPA to add to their initial donation.

The NFL will be filming a public service announcements to air in stadiums this weekend featuring Commissioner Paul Tagliabue that encourages fans to contribute to relief organizations. As well as working with its licensees and teams to contribute needed product, the NFL and company sponsor Campbell's are working with NFL teams to redirect all product from the Tackling Hunger promotion (32,000 cans of soup) to relief areas.

Individual teams and players throughout sports are aiding the relief effort by, among other things, donating money, hosting food drives and auctioning memorabilia. The Dodgers, for instance, raised about $200,000 in the Dodger Stadium parking lot on Wednesday, while the Yankees donated $1 million to the American Red Cross.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre and his team loaded the team plane with relief supplies and have partnered with Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair, who has arranged to have a truck meet the plane in Nashville. The goods will then be driving to hard hit areas in Mississippi.

Aid has come in many forms including providing jobs for displaced sports industry staff. The Orlando the Magic volunteered to hire 11 New Orleans Hornets employees and house them for free at the Marriott Vacation Club.


"My name is Greg Boyd and I am excited to let you know that I have accepted a position with the Iowa Stars as their Director of Game Operations. I want to make you aware that this job was found because of your great site. I would recommend to anyone interested in obtaining a career in sports. Thanks again for helping me discover this wonderful opportunity."

Greg Boyd
Director of Game Operations
Iowa Stars


When you buy a One (1) Month Membership to, you will receive an additional month at no extra charge. will be donating 25% of this membership fee to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to help the people affected by Hurricane Katrina.

In order to receive this offer, you must use the 'Reference Code' REDCROSS Take advantage of this offer.

(NOTE: You must use the corresponding reference code to take advantage of this offer!)


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Google Desktop Download

Google Desktop Download

Google is my favorite Search Engine and they have some awesome tools. I have been using Google Desktop for several months and today they launch Version 2. This version is even better. I really like the desktop tool because there are so many times that I can't remember the name of a document that I wrote or read on my PC, but I can remember some of the content. I just type in a keyword and bam, there is a list of references on my machine that contain the word.

Now they have added some other awesome tools to it. A Sidebar that can display RSS Feeds, News, Stock Tracker, weather and more.

I have used Copernic as well, but I like Google.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

PayPal Competition? GreenZap?

Have you heard of GreenZap? They are an online payment site (similar to PayPal), except much more rewarding.

Their website doesn't officially launch until this summer, but you can pre-register now and earn some great rewards. Plus, if you open an account now, you'll get $25 from me!

Just click the link below:

Monday, April 04, 2005

Marriage Savers - To: those threatened by divorce

Another interesting fact about Living together.
Marriage Savers - To: those threatened by divorce: "Cohabitation is a double cancer of marriage. The first cancer is that for millions, cohabitation is a substitute for marriage. A quarter of unmarried women aged 25-39 are currently living with a partner, and an additional quarter have done so in the past. Yet what many call a 'trial marriage' should be called a 'trial divorce.' The only question is whether they break up before the wedding or afterward. Of 100 couples who begin living together 40 break up before a wedding, according to the University of Wisconsin. One result: the number of never-married couples has doubled from 21 million in 1970 to 46.5 million in 1998, diverting 25 million from getting married at all. The second cancer is that cohabitation before marriage increases a couple's odds of divorce by 50%. So of the 100 cohabiting couples, 60 will marry, but 45 will divorce. That leaves only 15 couples still together after a decade!"

Prevent - Living Together Pre-Marriage May Lead to Divorce

Here is an interesting article about Living Together before marriage. Many people are under the impression they are preventing themselves from marrying someone they would divorce by basically trying them out before they buy.

Prevent - Living Together Pre-Marriage May Lead to Divorce

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Schaivo Passes on to Eternity

Terri pasts away today (Thursday, March 31, 2005). Thirteen days after her feeding tube was removed.

My prayers go out to the families. We all know that Terri is in a better place.

Read article...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Internet Marketing Software Sale - Last Day

I received this letter from Mike Chen Today. I have purchased the software and believe anyone that is trying to market their product on the Internet should have it. Mike explains the software better in his email to me.

Subject: Warning: Last Day

Hi Dave,

Many people have been asking me if today really is the last day
I'll be selling my Secret Weapon.

The answer is yes, it is.

The truth of the matter is, I never really intended to sell this
software in the first place. Although I sell a lot of the
programs I make, this was one I wanted to remain a closely
guarded secret.

Because I'm going to college, however, I decided to sell a
limited number for two weeks only.

Today is the last day, and that is final. After this, I predict
it will be extremely hard for anyone to find a copy of the
rare mathematical algorithm I coded into this software.

People have also been asking me to explain to them in a nutshell
exactly what my Secret Weapon does. To put it simply, it
is a software program which will allow you to improve the
response rates on your web site scientifically.

A typical use of the secret weapon would go something like this:

1. Place two variations of a sales letter on your web page.

2. Start driving traffic to your web page.

3. Run the secret weapon at the end of every day, and plug
in statistics gathered from your site.

4. The secret weapon will tell you exactly when and how to
select the better version and continue testing, so you
can constantly make improvements in your marketing, and
scientifically increase your response rate.

(some have called the Secret Weapon "artificial intelligence,"
others have called it a "virtual marketing consultant.")

Essentially, it takes the gambling out of marketing. As I like
to say, if you want to gamble, go to Vegas. If you want to
improve your response rate scientifically, then test your
marketing, and use a statistical algorithm to make your

I spent weeks creating virtual models and simulations of web
sites and sales, to verify that my formula worked. For the
curious, I've included the simulation test files along with the
Secret Weapon, so you can see exactly how I put it to the test.

Perhaps more impressively, I used it to dramatically boost
my sales and signups for Make Your Own Software and Instant

I would strongly recommend that you purchase today if you
are interested in scientifically improving the response rate
of your web site.

Much to my surprise, people are buying the secret weapon just
for the bonuses I've included with it. They've told me that
if I was just selling the bonuses without the weapon itself it
would be worth far more than the price I'm charging.

Have a look for yourself. It's the last day it's available:

Grab your copy today, before it is gone.


P.S. I haven't mentioned this until now, but there are some
unadvertised bonuses included with the Secret Weapon package
which will shock everyone when they receive them.

As you can see March 30, 2005 will be the last day for anyone to buy it.
Internet Marketing's Secret Weapon by Mike Chen

Monday, March 28, 2005

Sleep over for Kindergardeners

My wife decided to have a sleep over for my daughter who is in kindergarden. She is pretty smart to do this while I was away on a business trip. The chaos a bunch of kindergardners can create is amazing. I called her tonight and she told me there was 15 kids over there. Luckily for her most of the kids are not staying over night.

My wife is an awesome mother to my three kids. My daughter is having a great time tonight and making real memories.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

things Christian

things Christian

Here a site to join and share your opinions related to the Christian world. The posts have to be approved. Come by and help it get started.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

FCC Decides to Overlook NFL / ABC trist.

The FCC decided to not punish ABC for this prime time display of garbage. (read article)

Personally, I find this very disappointing. This now gives "license" for other programs to promote their programs in the same manner. This little spot is going to look timid compared to what is going to evolve because of the FCC's decision.

What does this tell the young people? This kind of behavior between two people is okay.

Let's take it to the extreme. A young athlete sees his favorite professional athlete dropping his responsibilities to chase after a woman who wants to give herself away to him for a few minutes of self gratification. This young athlete now feels that society has approved this type of behavior and therefore, it is alright for him to act in a similar manner.

This spot showed a couple of stereotypes: 1. Black Athletes are sexual predators looking for a score anyplace they can get it. Which isn't true. Yes there are black and white athletes that are sexual predators, but they are the minority. 2. Blonde women are stupid sex objects. Which again, isn't true. Yes there are some blonde, red and brunette women who make poor choices. Yes some do promote themselves as sex objects (i.e. Jenna Jameson,) but again they are the minority.

The FCC needs to get their act together.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Ryan's the Biggest Loser!

Can you believe how much weight Ryan lost? I knew he looked much smaller, but I didn't think he would have lost that much weight.

The other unbelievable thing is how close it came at the end. Gary had a score of 54 and Ryan had a score of 55. Kelly looks great as well. This was a reality show that everyone who tried, won.

All three of them will have great opportunities from just being on the Biggest Loser. Look for each of them to have endorsements.

Next week, the other competitors get a shot at $100,000. Hopefully they put what they learned on the Fat Farm in action. I know a few of them are kicking themselves. Next week they all will again weigh in to find out who the Biggest Loser is between the Bounced Biggest Losers.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Blogs are huge in 2004

Banner Year For Blogs
Yes, it has been a banner year for blogs. I started my own blog this year. Actually, I started one that I split into three. I am now planning another blog using WordPress as the base program.

I was very active during the Presidential election and haven't blogged much lately. By the way, the right man won!

It's great to have a place to post my thoughts. There are so many times that I want to express my opinion, but have no one to tell them to. Now, I can log into my blog and let anyone who may be interested read my thoughts. Yes it does sound like a diary online. You know, I believe it is an online diary. Many people write in their diaries with the hope that someone may read it some day. Right? Maybe not, but why would anyone write down their most inner thoughts on paper unless they wanted someone to read it someday?

The word Blog was the word of the year. People want to give their opinions. People want people to read what they have to say. I know I'm not an English major and everyone can tell that by reading my posts. I do like giving my opinion though.

I guess this is just another blog post of my thoughts.