Tuesday, March 15, 2005

FCC Decides to Overlook NFL / ABC trist.

The FCC decided to not punish ABC for this prime time display of garbage. (read article)

Personally, I find this very disappointing. This now gives "license" for other programs to promote their programs in the same manner. This little spot is going to look timid compared to what is going to evolve because of the FCC's decision.

What does this tell the young people? This kind of behavior between two people is okay.

Let's take it to the extreme. A young athlete sees his favorite professional athlete dropping his responsibilities to chase after a woman who wants to give herself away to him for a few minutes of self gratification. This young athlete now feels that society has approved this type of behavior and therefore, it is alright for him to act in a similar manner.

This spot showed a couple of stereotypes: 1. Black Athletes are sexual predators looking for a score anyplace they can get it. Which isn't true. Yes there are black and white athletes that are sexual predators, but they are the minority. 2. Blonde women are stupid sex objects. Which again, isn't true. Yes there are some blonde, red and brunette women who make poor choices. Yes some do promote themselves as sex objects (i.e. Jenna Jameson,) but again they are the minority.

The FCC needs to get their act together.